The Evolution of the GOP: Part I

Photo Source: Time

Though the 2016 election is not over, and there is plenty of time left for just about anything to happen, The Republican Party is bracing for an inter-party Civil War in the days, weeks and months following November 8th.

It has been a long and tiring year and a half for the Grand Old Party, that saw a field of sixteen candidates boil down to the most controversial one of all time. New York Businessman Donald Trump has become the face of the Republican Party, to the disdain of many Republicans.

Before the current split in the Republican Party and where it goes from here is examined, it would be best to understand how the party got to this point.

Below is a video posted to YouTube by Vox, that looks at the party’s 160 year old past. Though it is not perfect – obviously jumping forward key points in history – it is an efficient and simple visualization for how the Party of Lincoln became the Party of Trump.


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