Ranking The Presidents

photo source: http://www.ar15.com

In honor of President’s Day, we present the recently completed C SPAN survey that ranked all 43 of our former Chief Executives from best to worst. The survey asked 91 historians to rate the presidents in key areas such as “leadership” “moral authority” and other areas.

Of the top five, the first four rankings are almost irrefutable, while even though “I Like Ike,” it is pleasant but somewhat surprising to see him crack the top five! From there, the rest of the top ten could be shuffled slightly – having Jefferson a tad higher, maybe Reagan before Kennedy – but again, it proves to be a solid list.

Other key highlights include Obama ranking number 12, likely because of his popularity having just left office, LBJ making the top 10 to some surprise, and George W. Bush moving up in the rankings while James Buchanan remains the worst President of all time, having failed to do anything before the Civil War.

Another incredible finding in the survey was to see the Presidents from 1933-1969 all make it into the top ten. What a Golden Age for Presidents in the dawn of Executive Powers thanks to FDR!

These rankings will no doubt change as time goes on, and they don’t realistically mean too much, but they are a fun way to remember our former leaders, and consider the standards President Trump must be held to.




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