Fake News Forum

Announcing, the Fake News Forum. A new feature on the American Journal coming Summer 2017.

Since the November election, it’s become a regular part of American lingo. Fake news, originally linked to phony online articles published by internet trolls meant to spread misinformation about public figures, is a term that has been adopted by the White House and has taken on a whole new, inaccurate meaning.

In his regular Twitter sessions, President Donald Trump will often use the term Fake News to refer to any news story, news organization or news personality that he personally disagrees with. The use of the term in this way is an assault against the First Amendment, and coming from the President himself has potential to tear apart the democratic fabric which holds the country together.

The American Journal will continue it’s commitment to protecting these democratic values with the Fake News Forum, which will bring attention to the White House’s claims of Fake News, and examine their merits.

Each claim made by the President or any member of his administration will be judged based on how accurately they have identified a piece of Fake News. The rating system used will pay homage to George Washington’s fabled Cherry Tree myth:

1 Hatchet: the claim identifies some portion of a news story from a reputable news organization or personality as inaccurate.

2 Hatchets: the claim lacks clarity in it’s claim of a news story, reputable organization or personality as reporting fake news.

3 Hatchets: the claim is entirely inaccurate in calling out fake news.

1 Cherry Tree: the claim is entirely accurate in calling out fake news, in it’s original meaning, pertaining to online trolls.


Featured Photo Source: CNBC.com